British and Handmade Candle Makers

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The Wendy House is proud of so many aspects of our products, from the care we have taken in selecting appealing scents to the eco-friendly nature of our candles. We are especially proud of the fact that our candles are handmade, here in Britain. In fact, we ensure all of our vintage candles have British heritage, from wonderful names such as Aynsley and Bagley to Sowerby & Wedgwood. (full list available at bottom of page) We believe these are two characteristics of what make our candles so special and we hope that you will agree.


Is there anyone who does not appreciate the extra something offered by purchasing a gift, for themselves or someone else, that is handmade? Handmade products are just that little bit more special than items manufactured in the impersonal environment a factory represents. It is not only the idea that a real person has actually taken the time and care to create the product you are purchasing, but also the uniqueness promised by the real human touch used during the process.

Add to that the fact that, at The Wendy House, we have a real love for candles and create each one with the anticipation of illuminating its future home with a warm glow and delicious scent. We are a small business, which means we do not produce enormous numbers of candles on a regular basis, promising that you are receiving a unique, lovingly-made product – now, what could be better than that?


Following the very successful year for Britain that was 2012 – think the royal wedding, London Olympics and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – British owned and made brands are more popular than ever. The Wendy House is proud to say that we are 100% British owned, with all of our handmade products lovingly created in the United Kingdom. From the vintage vessels we use in the creation of our unique collection to the scents that inspire every candle we make, everything about our business is British. By supporting our brand, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are supporting a locally-owned and made product.


For some, the answer to this question may not be as obvious as it is to others. For many though, the buy British movement is a simple matter of patriotism and being proud of this country. Supporters of the buy British movement would tell you the concept extends to protecting Britain’s strong identity formed over so many years, as well as our place in the world.

With international travel becoming easier and easier, the world is rapidly shrinking. Advances in communication are only contributing to this rapidity and helping create a global economy. The global economy may result in opportunities, but it also puts extra pressure on businesses to outsource – something that may not be possible for small, local businesses. Whilst there may be economic benefits for some, the made in Britain label has never been more important to others.

We know buying British can be difficult, which is one reason we are so proud to broadcast the fact that our business is. We also believe this gives an extra special touch to any of the products you may wish to purchase from us as a gift, especially if it is for an international friend or a British expatriate living abroad.

We specialise in creating candles using china and glass cups, creamers bowls and more from the following traditional British manufacturers, some of whom ceased production many years ago.

Adderley  Aynsley Bagley Heathcote Jackson & Gosling Mappin & Webb Radfords
Royal Doulton Royal Stafford Salisbury China Shelley Sowerby
Tuscan China Wedgwood
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